The conclusion of the Distant Sale Contract will not prevent the performance of the provisions of the Website Membership Agreements that the parties conclude with DIGINET separately , and the parties are not liable in any way for the sale of the goods or services subject to this Agreement and that they have no responsibility for the parties to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement. and accept and declare that they have no commitment.

When will my order be delivered ?

 As stated in the distance sales contract The seller will ship it at the latest 5 working days after receiving your order .


If my order address is not reached, can someone else make a delivery ?


All shipments are delivered to the address and the person concerned M from the cargo branch line / product of teslimar done. In case the recipient is not at the address, delivery can be made to a relative after checking the identity information.



How can I see the delivery status of my delivery order ?


We inform you by e-mail when we deliver your order to cargo. When you click on My Orders in My Account section, you can follow the cargo status of your order from the links where my cargo is located on the portal of the relevant cargo company .



The Product I Have Ordered Has Been Defected By My Hand What Do I Have To Do ?


Open the product or products you ordered , together with the cargo authority who delivered the product to you , without taking the product The product may be broken or cracked due to shipping reasons In such cases, a shipping official report with tuıtarak current status of an official report by Take pictures. Return the damaged product to your dealer with the cargo company and request a new one. For defective and / or defective products that are normal in the cargo, you can contact the Seller to request an exchange. Seller of the product or products of 5 to examine business day you make new product is sent if there is a manufacturing defect by then.


How can I change the address of my order ?


To check the status of your order, click the "My Account" page and check your "My Orders" order. Please e-mail your new address with your order number to our customer service. The change of address of the orders delivered to the cargo is made only by us. You can update my information from "My Account" page for new orders.


Can I Change the Recipient Information of my Order ?


To check the status of your order, click the "My Account" page and check your "My Orders" order. Please inform your customer service via e-mail with your order number and new buyer information.


Is Delivery On Public Holidays ?


We do not deliver orders on public holidays .


 Is VAT included in the Product Prices ?


VAT is not included in the sales price of each product This is clearly reported at the time of purchase .


How Can I Return My Order ?

 without taking any legal and criminal liability and without any justification, can exercise the right of withdrawal from the date of delivery in the transactions related to the sale of goods and within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of purchase in the transactions related to the service sale The buyer can use his right of withdrawal within the period until the delivery of the goods. If the right of withdrawal is used at a stage after the product is delivered to itself or the product is sent to the cargo, the remaining amount is returned to the Buyer's payment channel by deducting the cargo expenses incurred for the product. 


Can Change Size / Number in Products Instead of Return ?


Returns and exchanges can not be done except for products, your order, you teslimal after 15 working days, you can make changes if you want to present our bodies or stock number. For products that are not available in stocks, you can either return or replace with different products according to your wishes .


Which Products Can I Return ?


The packaging of the product you want to return must not be damaged, its barcode has not been damaged, it has not been tried and used in accordance with hygiene rules. You can return products other than these.


How long is the refund of the product price ?


All transactions related to the product you returned start from the moment your product arrives at our warehouse and is concluded within 7 business days. All notifications regarding the return process are notified to your registered e-mail address. You can follow the "My Return Requests" section by clicking on the "My Account" page. When shopping with a Credit Card, the period of reflection of the refund amount on your statement varies from bank to bank.