Diginet Bilgisayar started its journey in 2003 to provide information technology and consultancy services. In 2010, an e-commerce website,, was launched.

Diginet Computer has combined its experience in technology and innovation with its knowledge, regional experience and power.

Diginet Bilgisayar has become an open market, electronic export marketplace platform that will bring thousands of brands and stores together with millions of customers by improving its e-commerce investment.; electronics, textiles, kitchenware of Turkey's rarest craft up to millions of products that appeal to different needs and tastes, with the structuring of their members as you shop offers a new shopping experience. follows an approach that focuses on trust and convenience on the customers side, and cooperation and e-commerce development on the stores side.


e-commerce in Turkey and the region, to have a say in the e-exports.


E-commerce and E exports, by offering innovative services to customers and store e-commerce and e export of Turkey 's spearheading the shaping.


Trust and Convenience to customers in our eco-system based on strong integration with strategic partnerships; To provide value proposition to stores and SMEs based on Support and Care.