1- PARTIES    

This contract; It was concluded between "DIGINET" and "SELLER" at the moment of approval by signing electronically and / or on paper by the "SELLER".

The annexes of this contract and the actual explanations regarding the use of "DIGINET" services on "" are an integral part of the contract. The mutual acceptance of these data and commercial terms after the conclusion of this contract will be carried out in a separate electronic environment, since some of the service usage data and the commercial terms subject to the service will be determined after the contract conclusion and / or these data are constantly changing, the accepted issues will be an integral part of this contract and will connect the parties.

This Membership Agreement ("Agreement"); and the owner of the printed or electronic media advertising and mobile access software , DIGINET Bilgisayar Sistemleri Eğitim Danışmanlık Sanayi Ticaret Ltd.Şti (DIGINET), which continues its activities at 15 July Mh Gülbahar Cd D block Daire 3 Güneşli Bağcılar İstanbul . with; Buyers and Sellers who become members for the purpose of trading, buying and / or selling using all kinds of software and hardware developed for access to the marketplace application have undertaken to use the marketplace within the framework of the following conditions. Seller DIGINET and member / s separately in the membership agreement. or as parties together.       

DIGINET owned'm marketplace platform, Turkish in order to serve the country in Turkey and the region, English, German, Russian, is being broadcast in the Arabic language, E-Commerce / e-Export platform is feature. The platform automatically changes the money and language support according to the languages ​​used in the regions. The product prices displayed on the platform are converted into the relevant currency at the Central Bank's Effective Buying Rate and broadcast. Because of this feature, it is a platform that brings together buyers and sellers in all countries in the region.  


2-1 DIGINET operates the online electronic commerce marketplace platform called, mobile applications and mobile website, and it accelerates communication and business processes between suppliers, intermediaries, service providers, manufacturers, consumers, commercial or non-commercial institutions, brings together the parties to shop in a virtual marketplace that saves financial resources. DIGINET is not the seller of any product or service on the website and is an intermediary service provider in accordance with the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce No. 6563.     

2-2 In accordance with this Agreement, the Seller is a member of the electronic commerce platform managed by DIGINET and makes sales from the Virtual Store to be established on this platform, and DIGINET is one of the e-commerce platform services owned by the Seller in return for the commission he will pay. He wants to make use of the seller.  

2-3 The purpose of this Agreement is to determine the conditions for Sellers to benefit from the Services offered by DIGINET or the business partner designated by DIGINET on the website and to determine the rights and obligations of the Parties accordingly.    

2-4 For the avoidance of doubt, this Agreement is only between the Parties and covers the terms and conditions for the Services offered by DIGINET to the Seller. The relationship between the Sellers and the Buyers is not covered by this Agreement; DIGINET only grants the Seller the right to open a Virtual Store and to post advertisements in the area where this Virtual Store is located in this commercial activity. The seller will be personally responsible for the sales transactions to be carried out from the Virtual Store within the framework of other legislation, especially the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer, against the Buyers.  


3-1 Marketplace (Open market) In accordance with DIGINET's Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, only "intermediary service provider" and the Seller as "hosting provider" in accordance with the Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts It refers to the model in which the Sellers mediate the sales of products and / or services they make from the Platform by bringing them together with the Buyers through the Platform .   

3-2 Customer / Buyer: It refers to the member who is a member of the Website within the scope of the Membership Agreement with DIGINET and purchases the products and / or services offered for sale by the seller through the advertisements on the Website. Refers to legal or natural persons who purchase products and / or services from the Platform.   

3-3 Seller: It refers to the legal or natural person who markets the products and services it produces, markets and trades using the marketplace platform owned by DIGINET .     

3-4 Service / s: Announcement, publication and similar applications offered by DIGINET for a fee or free of charge on the website for the purpose of the Buyers and Sellers to perform the business and transactions defined in this Agreement and to publish their products / services does.     

3-5 User: Refers to all real and legal persons who have access to the Website.   

3-6 Members / Members : The member who accesses the Website in accordance with the terms of this contract and who benefits from the content, applications and "services" on "" is the "BUYER" or "SELLER" who are real and Refers to legal persons.     

3-7 Virtual Store: The virtual space that DIGINET has allocated to the Sellers on the Website in accordance with the DIDINET procedures and rules and where the Sellers have the opportunity to publish their advertisements consisting of content and images for the sale of one or more products and / or services. expresses.    

3-8 Seller: Legal / natural person who is a member of the Website within the scope of this Agreement with DIGINET and who offers various products and / or services through the advertisements published on the website.     

3-9 Store: "Sellers can have the opportunity to publish advertisements regarding one or more goods and / or services provided by them, in a section specially reserved for them, and detailed features, which are determined by" DIGINET ". The "Service" specified in the relevant section of and provided through the web platform "".    

3-10 Seller Office : The seller can perform the necessary transactions to benefit from the applications and Services offered by DIGINET on the Website, enter the company / personal information requested from him, can follow the details of the sales transaction, only the user name and password determined by the Seller It refers to the virtual page that can be accessed with.       

3-11 Website: Refers to the website, mobile applications and mobile site with the domain name, which is owned by DIGINET and which DIGINET provides the Services specified by this Agreement.        

3-12 My Account Page: The provided by DIGINET is only the user designated by the relevant Member, where the Member can perform the necessary actions to benefit from the various applications and Services on the Platform , enter their personal information and the information requested from him on the basis of the application. Refers to the special page for the Member that can be accessed with his / her name and password.         


4-1 The subject of this contract is the determination of the terms and conditions of the "Services" offered by "DIGINET" on "", the use of these "Services" by "Sellers" and accordingly, the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties.  

4-2 The scope of this contract is the determination of the terms and conditions regarding all "Services", applications and content in "İNDİRİMBASLADİ.COM", "Services" provided by "DIGINET" in "İNDİRİMBASLADİ.COM". , applications, all "Members" and "Sellers" shall be deemed as an integral part of this contract. With the acceptance of this contract by the "Member", the "Member" is made by "DIGINET" which is and will be included in "ALL HERE". It acknowledges, declares and undertakes that it accepts all kinds of statements regarding the services, use, content, applications, members and users.  

4-3 In order to gain the title of "seller", the seller must first approve the corporate information and / or documents in the "List of Documents Required for Opening a Virtual Store" or requested to be completed by e-mail . What will provide complete and complete during installation. In addition, each page must be sent to DIGINET's above-mentioned address by courier within 15 days with wet signature by the authorized signature. If the "SELLER" does not provide the required information and documents at the time requested by "DIGINET", the "SELLER's membership may be canceled, suspended or transferred to the" SELLER "under the DIGINET, marketplace Electronic Commerce System. It accepts, declares and undertakes that in the event of any change in the said document and information, it will immediately notify "DIGINET" of the change in question and send a copy to "DIGINET" by cargo, signed and stamped by the authorized signatory. also the authorized person to perform correspondence and negotiations should be specified at this stage. Seller by Although presented as a complete this documentation, DIGINET the Seller's application showing cause rejection and / or additional terms and document reserved the right to request. the accepted applicants seller Approval of the process The "SELLER" status starts with the completion and notification to the "SELLER" and the "SELLER" acquires the rights and obligations specified in this contract and the relevant parts of "DIGINET". The legal entity member "User" is personally responsible for all damages that may arise due to incorrect information that does not provide the membership conditions in accordance with the truth. The Seller shall be responsible for all damages that may arise due to incorrect information provided by the Seller during the application. "SELLER" Like just rights and obligations "SELLER" is being born on legal and natural persons in the health application "SELLER" absolutely not transfer these rights and not Satam obligation to fully or partly to any third parties. The seller company related transactions during recording authorized to make on behalf of DIGINET will not be held responsible for all damages and losses incurred by the persons authorized to act on behalf of the seller company to the seller company, and DIGINET will not be held responsible. it is accepted that the form of the reported person is authorized. reported the case of a change of this authority "SELLER" s are these changes promptly notify obligation. "DIGINET"; this agreement and " I" in violation of the rules and conditions, "salesmanship" application that the information provided during the service is not sufficient, correct or up-to-date. based on a justified reason, including the reasons for the determination of the application of the person who applied for "SELLING" was previously rejected, the reasons for the determination that the transactions carried out by the "SELLER" pose a legal, technical and especially information security risk for "DIGINET" and similar reasons. or without any reason and without any notification, always terminate the "SELLER" membership on "" or freeze the membership and / or terminate this contract without any compensation liability.             

4-4 The Seller shall notify DIGINET of any changes that may occur in the documents and information provided, especially the information belonging to the Seller and his authorized representative, within 15 (fifteen) days after the change occurs, and is obliged to update it accordingly.  

4-5 The Seller will create a username and password according to the rules announced on the Website and the relevant business content while signing up to the Website; It will use this information to access its Virtual Store, profile page and perform some other operations. The security and confidentiality of the Seller's password and username is entirely under the responsibility of the Seller, therefore, the "SELLER", by logging into his own profile , has carried out the transactions performed with his username and password, and that the responsibility arising from these transactions belongs to him in advance. ; It accepts, declares and undertakes that it cannot make any objection and / or claim that it does not perform the work and transactions carried out in this way and / or that it will not refrain from fulfilling its obligations based on this defection or objection that it is personally and exclusively responsible for all transactions .     

4-6 The Seller agrees and undertakes to be in full cooperation with DIGINET in order to establish the necessary technical infrastructure to ensure that all kinds of advertisements and announcements are published on the Website and to provide all necessary documents for this.  

4-7 In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, the seller is obliged to take all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to prevent unlawful processing of personal data and illegal access to personal data and to ensure the protection of personal data; and It is responsible for taking these measures. The seller is also personally responsible for the authenticity, reliability, accuracy and legality of any visual, written or other information and content provided for advertisements posted on the Website and the Virtual Store In addition, the Seller agrees, declares and undertakes not to use the Website on behalf of itself or a third party to create a database, record or directory, check, update, change and access the personal information of other members and download them to another system. The seller agrees that Article 7.5 of the Contract will be applied in case of violation of the provision of this article. The seller is liable to third parties and to DIGINET in case any visual, written or other information and content provided for advertisements published on the Website and Virtual Store violate the intellectual property rights of third parties.  

4-8 The Seller will continue to have the right to all kinds of advertisements, content and visuals transmitted to the Website by itself. In addition to this, the Seller reserves the right and authorization for the use of the content in screen shots and all kinds of visuals and content prepared for advertisement and promotion (for example, the virtual store's instant appearance in the advertisement of site and in digital marketing activities). It accepts, undertakes and declares that it allocates to DIGINET without any time and place restrictions.  

4-9 SELLER "," DIGINETin, "all" Members and "Users on" ", including the content provided by all kinds of advertisements, information, content and visuals to investigate the authenticity, safety and accuracy of these content and advertisements. It accepts and declares that it has no responsibility to determine whether the display on the internet is legal or not, and that "DIGINET", "DIGINET" employees and managers are not liable for the said advertisements and contents and any damages that may arise from them.  

4-10 The Seller will not encourage the Buyers who communicate with him through the PORTAL to shop outside the portal and will also reject the offers in this direction. The seller will not behave in any way that manipulates DIGINET campaigns and discounts. The seller cannot publish a link of another website on the portal. The SELLER is liable for any loss or damage caused by unauthorized broadcasts, and it accepts and declares that DIGINET has no responsibility.          

4-11 "SELLER" declares that the information, content and advertisements uploaded by "İNDİRİMBASLADİ.COM" are correct and lawful, defamation, defamation, defamation, defamation, defamation, threats or harassment. The publication of this information and content on "İNDİRİMBASLADİ.COM" or the sale and display of the goods and services specified in the advertisements does not constitute any violation of the law in accordance with the current legislation, does not cause violation of rights, the publication of the goods and services to which the said advertisements and contents are related, It accepts and undertakes that it has all the right, authority and responsibility to put it on sale and sell it.       

4-12 SELLER "will not publish contact information directly or indirectly in the information, content and advertisements uploaded by" ", will not send this information to other" Members "," with the BUYERS "without the knowledge of DIGINET, at " " provided and / or "" approved by the communication methods, not to add any brochures, flyers or any promotional products other than the ordered product in the product packages sent to the BUYER, otherwise "DIGINET's It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will compensate for all kinds of damages and that the SELLER's store will be closed by DIGINET from the marketplace of İNDİRİMBASLADİ.COM for a period of time or indefinitely.        

4-13 "DIGINET" will share the information of the "SELLER" with the relevant authorities in case of a request from the competent authorities in accordance with the current legislation. This information may be transmitted to "other" Users who may be a party to the dispute, in order to use their legal rights in the "disputes between the members" and only limited to this comprehensive. All information necessary for DIGINET to defend itself or to submit the requested information or documents in the event of any information or document requested by banks, ministries, judicial or administrative authorities, police departments and all other private or public institutions Any damages and / or penalties arising from the information and documents not provided by the SELLER to DIGINET within the requested period will be reflected to the SELLER.       

4-14 The content published in Discountbasladi is for infrastructure data structure.       

4-14.1 The use of "discountbasladi" by "Member", "User" or a third party to create, control, update, change a database, record or directory belonging to him or another person;    

4-14.2 The use of all or any part of the " discountbasladi " for the purpose of breaking, modifying, reverse engineering;    

4-14.3 Using false information or using another user's information, creating unreal user accounts by providing false or misleading personal information, residence address, e-mail address, contact, payment and account information, and unlawful use of these accounts or "SELLER" membership agreement and its annexes or outside the scope, unauthorized use of another user's account, being a party or participant in transactions by substituting another person or under a wrong name, creating an account;    

4-14.4 The use of "discountsladi" for any illegal or fraudulent purpose;    

4-14.5 Using , copying, modifying, transmitting, replacing all or part of the copyrighted, legally protected or "discounted" or third party content, including personal privacy and publishing rights, without the owner or permission;    

4-14.6 Manipulating the price of any transaction or interfering with other users' transactions;    

4-14.7 Using an invalid or unauthorized payment method other than the " Shopping System", manipulating the service fee, invoice and payment processes;     

4-14.8 Use of comment and scoring profit sharing systems for purposes other than "discountbasladi" and for purposes other than "discountbasladi" (such as publishing the comments on "discountbasladi" outside of "");    

4-14.9 Spreading of chain letters or unsolicited e-mails (spam) via ;      

4-14.1-1 The spread of a virus or any other technology that is damaging to the database of "", any content on "";  

4-14.1-2 "Collection of any information about users, including their e-mail addresses, without their consent; 

4-14.1-3 "discounted" in a way that imposes unreasonably or disproportionately large loads on the communications and technical systems specified by "discounts", or prevents, halts, disrupts, disrupts, changes, or disrupts the communication or technical systems in any way. attempting to gain access to; 

4-14.1-4 DIGINET "in without the prior written consent," indirimbasla was "on automatic program, robot, web crawler, spider, data mining (data mining) data scanning (data crawling) and so on. " Screen scraping " software or use systems and In this way, copying, publishing, using all or part of any content included in "discountbasladi" without permission;         

4-14.1-5 It is illegal to use "discountbasladi" and the content on "" outside the usage limits determined by this agreement; "DIGINET" reserves the right of demand, action and follow-up. 

4-15 The execution of the applications required for the operation of "INDIABASED.COM" and the statistical evaluations determined by it, for the advertisement and marketing of the activities and applications put forward by the business partners of "DIGINET", can be used and stored for the time required to fulfill these obligations. and can explain to third parties. "SELLER" accepts and declares that it consents to the use and storage of its information by "DIGINET".       

4-16 The SELLER, who is a member of "", declares that he / she is allowed to offer product and service promotions, advertisements, campaigns, advantages, surveys and other customer satisfaction applications by all companies affiliated with DIGINET within the scope of the applications in force and / or to be implemented and accepts. The seller is responsible for collecting personal and shopping information and shopping and / or consumer behavior information given in the past and / or by other means while becoming a member of "İNDİRİMBASLADİ.COM" and sharing them with all companies affiliated to DIGINET, It declares and accepts that it allows it to be used and archived by all companies. Unless the member notifies otherwise, he declares and accepts that he consents to the collection of data, to be shared with all companies affiliated to DIGINET, to be used and archived by all companies affiliated to DIGINET. Unless the member states otherwise, he declares and accepts that DIGINET and all its affiliated companies allow him to contact him through communication channels such as internet, phone, SMS, etc. The member declares that he / she will not claim any direct and / or indirect material and / or moral negative and / or positive, in short, any damage caused by the collection, sharing, use, archiving and access to the above-mentioned information and that DIGINET and its affiliated companies will not be held responsible and accepts. If the member wishes to change their data sharing preferences, they can forward this request to "".       

4-17 "SELLER" and "" have agreed on the fee and payment terms in the Category-Based Commission Rate List in the seller management panel. The fee and payment terms announced on "" will always be able to change. The necessary announcements regarding the changes to be made will be made 3 months in advance by DIGINET through the communication channels notified by the seller to the SELLER and / or to the e-mail address of the seller registered in the system. However, the seller will unilaterally determine the fee and payment terms for the product groups that are not specified in the Category Based Commission Rate List in the seller management panel, and the "SELLER" will be able to see these fees and payment terms on their "Member Page". These fees and payment conditions may vary, and the "SELLER" will apply the fee and payment terms that are published at the time the "SELLER" makes a price entry on the "Member Page" for product sales. "SELLER" will only be able to benefit from the services in return for the full and complete payment of the said fees declared in "" with the payment terms and tools declared in "ALL ABOUT". "DIGINET", "DISCOUNTBASED" "It can set a fee for the services if it wishes; In such a case, the "SELLER "'s use of the" Services "is subject to the condition that the fee is paid in full and in full. The fees related to the applications, the payment terms, the effective dates of the fees will be announced in the relevant sections of the" DISCOUNT STARTED ". "Services can be offered free of charge or at a discount," DIGINET "can always unilaterally abandon the said discounted or free" Service "and start offering the" Service "with or without a full fee. "DISCOUNTBASEDI marketplace Shopping System" for the "Service", "DIGINET" receives the service fee from the "SELLER", if the related sale is canceled by the "BUYER", the service fee charged by "DIGINET" from "SELLER" or returned.       

4-18 "SELLER", "DIGINET", "SELLER" entered "INDIORIMBASLADI" "INDIORIMBASLADI" advertisements, contents and images can be viewed on third party sites and systems, the "SELLER" to make agreements for the purpose of "DISCOUNT STARTED". The advertisements, contents and visuals can be used in visuals and content prepared for the advertisement and promotion of "DIGINET" and "DIGINET", all rights and authorities required in this regard without being subject to any number, time and place limitation and without demanding any fee for this purpose " It accepts and declares that it gives to DIGINET.       

4-19 "DIGINET", "SELLER" does not comply with the terms and conditions of this contract and the terms and conditions declared in "DISCOUNT STARTED", "SELLER" has entered "DOWNLOADED" in accordance with this contract and the terms and conditions published in "DOWNLOADED". Any notice to the "SELLER" due to its absence, determination that it poses a risk in terms of legal, technical and especially information security, is not included in the content categories determined by "DIGINET" or is in the wrong section, and it is harmful to the personal and commercial rights of third parties. The "Member" may unilaterally terminate this contract and temporarily or permanently stop the publication of the relevant announcement, terminate the membership of the "Member" and terminate this contract unilaterally. In addition, "DIGINET", whenever he or she requests the contract without any reason or warning, unilaterally f esih right reserved.       

4-20 The selling price of a certain product of the SELLER "STARTED A DISCOUNT" cannot be higher than the selling price of the "SELLER" including other platforms on the internet. "SELLER" s product "DOWNLOADED" on other online platforms, including its own e-commerce platform. When it is determined that it sells at a lower price than the sales price in, "DISCOUNTBASED" reserves the right to stop the sale of the product. "SELLER" undertakes to pay to "DIGINET" as an advertisement fee equal to the multiplication of the difference between the time the product was announced and the date of publication until today, for the products that are found to sell high in the "DISCOUNT STARTED".       

4-21 Persons whose membership is suspended, suspended from membership or whose membership is banned indefinitely are prohibited from becoming members with another user account. "DIGINET" cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur in case of violation of this prohibition.       

4-22 "SELLER"; any information, content, material or data provided by "STARTED DOWNLOAD" by him / her. Virus, spyware, malicious software, trojan horse, etc. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it has taken all necessary measures (including the use of necessary anti-virus software) in order not to contain materials that may damage such "DISCOUNT STARTED" or any part of it.       

4-23 "DIGINET" may change the services and contents offered in "INDIRIMBASLADIA" at any time and without notice; "The information and contents uploaded by the members to the system can be closed and deleted from the access of third parties, including" Users ", the contents uploaded by" Members to "DOWNLOAD STARTED" and the communication between the members, including the messaging made via "DOWNLOAD STARTED" It accepts, declares and undertakes that "SELLER" performs all the communication it performs on "DISCOUNT STARTED" in line with the activities performed on "DISCOUNT BASED" and cannot use this communication for private communication or other purposes.       

4-24 The "SELLER" accepts, declares and undertakes that the Distance Sales Agreement between the "BUYER" and the "BUYER" will be deemed to have been concluded (that it is in the "SELLER" position specified in this contract) upon completion of the contract of sale.       

4-25 "SELLER" Tax Procedure Law m. In accordance with 232, it must issue an invoice or retail sales receipt for the product or service sold, provided. "SELLER" will notify "DIGINET" that it will deliver or provide the goods and / or services sent to the "BUYER" by invoicing the "DIGINET", it will fulfill its obligations arising from other legislation, especially the Law on the Protection of the Consumer, "DIGINET" is not a party to this sales contract, and that "DIGINET" has no responsibility other than the scope specified in this contract, that "DIGINET" will respond to any request made for "DIGINET" in the event that it is notified to it by "DIGINET", and "DIGINET" will respond to these requests and fulfill the request. In case of demand, "DIGINET" will pay all the fees paid by "DIGINET" to "DIGINET" on the date specified by "DIGINET" in full and / or fulfill the necessary obligations in line with the instructions of "DIGINET", and "DIGINET" against such requests to DIGINET. There is also a defense obligation before the judicial and administrative authorities. eple accepts, declares and undertakes that "DIGINET" will pay any damages, administrative fines and similar costs that "DIGINET" will have to pay to "DIGINET" upon the first request of "DIGINET".       

4-26 The seller undertakes to comply with the Payment Protection System. According to the Payment Protection System, after the buyer purchases the product, the product price is transferred to the pool account. After the seller delivers the product to the Buyer within the specified period, the Buyer examines the product and approves the order. With this approval, the pays out a commission invoice over the price of the goods subject to sale from the pool account and the remaining amount is paid to the "SELLER after the deserved amount is deducted. The seller has access to all terms and conditions of the Payment Protection System on the website. acknowledges that it can provide and understand them, and DIGINET authorizes it to perform the said transactions.        

4-27 "SELLER" cannot upload the products and services specified in the Prohibited Products and Services, second-hand and expired products as ad content on the "DISCOUNT STARTED", cannot share it with third parties, "DOWNLOADED" for the purpose of selling or marketing these products and services. "It cannot communicate with members and third parties, cannot direct to other web pages or contact information. If it is determined by the SELLER that these products are sold and sent to the BUYER, the SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes that its store can be closed by DIGINET for a period of time or indefinitely.        

4-28 The "SELLER" agrees and undertakes to deliver the product to the "BUYER" within the period declared on the "DISCOUNT STARTED" website for the relevant product, following the receipt of the order by the "BUYER". Failure to ship the product within; the SELLER "cancels the order because the product is not in stock and cannot be supplied, and the SELLER calls the customer using the contact information of the customer who bought the product, or does not accept the product returned by the customer, does not receive it." or does not send the product invoice, "DISCOUNT STARTED" will define a gift voucher in the amount in the table below according to the price of the product to each customer and this amount is debited to the "SELLER" account to be paid to "DISCOUNT STARTED".       



Product price

0 TL - 20 TL 

21.00 ₺ -200.00 ₺

201.00 ₺ -500.00 ₺

501.00 ₺ -… ₺

Check price

As much as the product value

20.00 ₺

50.00 ₺

$ 100.00





The "SELLER" can make a shipment using the cargo companies selected by the "DISCOUNT STARTED" and the shipment codes they provide, as well as define the cargo that they have worked with in accordance with their agreements to the system. It accepts, declares and undertakes to enter the cargo date and cargo tracking numbers of the products into the system. The SELLER will not open the products that are not in stock for sale. DIGINET has the right and authority to unilaterally change the gift voucher amounts in the above table at its own initiative. In such a case, DIGINET will announce the new amounts to the SELLER. 

4-29 vendor my website that he has sold the product to the site for the wrong amount / SELLER if incorrect entry of the product at the price which was ordered by the buyer is obliged to send to the recipient. If the SELLER refuses to send the product at the price ordered by the BUYER and / or the product cannot be supplied by the SELLER, the product ordered by the BUYER will be sold by the BUYER on and the product will be sent to the BUYER as soon as possible. from another SATTCI that can deliver, regardless of price difference and the price difference will be invoiced to the SELLER. However , if there is no other seller that sells the product ordered by the BUYER on the website, the market sale price of the product in question will be invoiced by the SELLER.              

4-30 If the SELLER declares that he / she cannot supply and / or cannot supply the product for any reason within the promised time on the website , the product ordered by the BUYER will be sold on the website and deliver the product to the BUYER as soon as possible. will be obtained from a SELLER without discrimination in price. However, if there is no other seller that sells the product ordered by the BUYER on the website and the product in question cannot be sent to the BUYER, the BUYER's order may be canceled by DIGINET. In the event that the order of the BUYER is canceled for the reasons explained above, a gift voucher may be defined to the BUYER as specified in Article 4.27 and the amount of the gift voucher will be invoiced to the SELLER. The SELLER accepts and undertakes that the amount of the gift voucher will be paid immediately, in cash and at once upon DIGINET's first request or will be deducted from the current account by D-MARKET without any notice.         

4-31 If the SELLER is sent to the BUYER with the missing product and / or the missing product or another / different product other than the product ordered by the BUYER, DIGINET provides the SELLER with the barcode number and the missing product / accepts, declares and undertakes to send the missing part and / or the correct product ordered by the BUYER. If the said delivery is not made within the period specified by the SELLER, the product ordered by the BUYER will be supplied from another SELLER who sells on the website and can deliver the product to the BUYER as soon as possible, regardless of price difference. However, if there is no other seller that sells the product ordered by the BUYER on the website and the product in question cannot be sent to the BUYER, the BUYER's order may be canceled by DIGINET. In the event that the order of the BUYER is canceled for the reasons explained above, a gift voucher may be defined to the BUYER as specified in Article 4.27 and the amount of the gift voucher will be invoiced to the SELLER. The SELLER accepts and undertakes that the amount of the gift voucher will be paid immediately, in cash and at once upon DIGINET's first request, or will be deducted from the current account by DIGINET without any notice.         


5-1 DIGINET will keep the personal and commercial information provided by the Seller during the membership process and during the membership in a secure environment. DIGINET may use this information for the purposes of advertising, marketing, announcement, credibility inquiries and other purposes of its own and its business partners' activities and applications in order to carry out the applications required for the full and proper operation of the Services and may be disclosed to third parties provided that it is limited to the specified reasons. . In this sense, the Seller will consent to the use and storage of his information by DIGINET in accordance with the provisions of this article.  

5-2 DIGINET acts as an intermediary for the establishment of distance contracts and the Intermediary Service Provider within the scope of the Law on Consumer Protection No 6502 and Electronic Trade Regulation No 6563. For this reason, DIGINET is not obliged to control the contents published on the Website by the Seller. DIGINET is not obliged to control any content, including messaging made on the Website, or to investigate whether there is an illegal activity or situation related to the product or service subject to this content and content, but it will always check the content and If he sees, he has the right to close and delete access. DIGINET may also take action on such content, limited to this scope, to comply with the decision of any judicial authority, including the court and arbitral tribunal.  

5-3 In the event that DIGINET determines that any content posted on the Seller's Website is contrary to the applicable legislation, the right to remove this content immediately is always reserved. In such a case, the Seller cannot claim any compensation from DIGINET under any name.  


6-1 The Seller will be able to benefit from the Services and will be entitled to a fee in return for the sales transactions to be carried out on the Website, provided that he / she performs the actions specified in this Agreement fully and properly. Commission rates, payment terms and other financial terms to be applied to the Seller by DIGINET will be applied as specified in the "Financial and Special Working Conditions" in ANNEX-3.  

6-2 The seller is obliged to issue an invoice or retail sales receipt for the product and service sold in accordance with Article 230 of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 and Article 8 of the Value Added Tax Law No. 3065. In this sense, the Seller agrees and undertakes to deliver the product and / or service sent to the Buyer by invoicing.  

6-3 Pursuant to Article 7.5 of this Agreement, DIGINET may offset any damage, loss, expense, expense or claims of third parties, at its sole discretion, from the Seller's current account or collect it from the Seller itself.  



7-1 This Agreement will come into force upon being approved by the Seller electronically and signed on paper, and will be valid for an indefinite period from the effective date.  

7-2 The Parties may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving written notice for any reason and without any liability to pay compensation. In the event that the Contract is terminated by DIGINET in this way, the Seller agrees and undertakes to pay the fees for the service provided by DIGINET until the termination date. This termination will only affect the relationship of the Parties; All responsibilities that may exist against the Buyers for the sales made by the Seller through the Virtual Store will continue.  

7-3 If one of the parties goes bankrupt, requests a postponement of bankruptcy, becomes insolvent, makes a concordat proposal, appoints a trustee, enters into liquidation or filing a termination action against him, the Contract will automatically terminate.  

7-4 The Parties agree that each of the terms and conditions contained in ANNEX-4 of this Agreement are substantive and that DIGINET has the right to terminate the Agreement immediately in case of breach of these terms and conditions. In addition, even if DIGINET does not use its right to terminate the Contract, DP will always have the right to suspend and suspend DP Services temporarily in the event of such breach. In these cases, the Seller will continue to have all kinds of responsibilities towards the Buyer.  

7-5 The Seller shall be responsible for any legal / administrative / criminal damages, losses, expenses, expenses and third parties that DIGINET has suffered directly or indirectly due to violation of one of the provisions of this Agreement or failure to comply with the sales rules announced in the Seller's Office. is obliged to indemnify its claims completely and immediately, without the need for DIGINET to contact any authority and upon its first request. For the avoidance of doubt, DIGINET's exercise of this right is independent of whether DIGINET terminates the Agreement, and DIGINET is entitled to such indemnity without terminating the Agreement.  

7-6 The seller shall not initiate any legal proceedings, including litigation against DIGINET, consumer complaint, prosecution investigation and enforcement proceedings, or any action by banks, ministries, judicial or administrative authorities, police departments and any other private or public institutions. In the event that an information or document is requested, DIGINET will immediately provide all the information and documents required for DIGINET to defend itself or to provide the requested information or documents. Any damages and / or penalties arising from the information and documents not provided to DIGINET within the requested period by the Seller will be reflected to the Seller. In addition, these amounts can be collected from all stores belonging to the Seller. In addition, the notification to DIGINET from any enforcement office or a similar authority against the Seller of a lien issued against the Seller indicates that DIGINET's behavior that may constitute fraudulent or fraudulent behavior of the Seller or the sale of counterfeit products in the Virtual Store With reasonable suspicion or other reasonable reasons intended to prevent or reduce the victimization of the Buyers or a third party, DIGINET may use the balance on the seller's account, limited to the amount specified in the case of a lien notice; in other cases, it may block a reasonable amount that can cover the violation or grievance for a period of 120 (one hundred and twenty) days and without notifying the Seller.  


8-1 The Seller shall be bound by the terms of the Agreement and the party to the Agreement by approving this Agreement electronically. DIGINET has the right to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time it deems appropriate unilaterally if it deems necessary. For the avoidance of doubt, DIGINET also reserves the right to add to the Agreement, including for certain services to be paid partially or fully.  

8-2 Contract changes by DIGINET;  

8-2.1 Sending an e-mail to the address provided by the Seller to DIGINET while registering on the Website,      

8-2.2 Announcement on the Seller Office ( screen or      

8-2.3 By publishing on the Website. The changed provisions of this Agreement will take effect on the date they are announced, and the remaining provisions will remain in effect and continue to have consequences.      

8-3 For the avoidance of doubt, DIGINET is not obliged to notify the Seller of the changes in the Contract that it has to make as per the legislative changes that occur after the signature date of the Contract. In addition, the details of the Services to be offered on the Website and the campaigns implemented by DIGINET, the duration of the products, additional opportunities and technical features may be changed by DIGINET without prior notice. Changes made by DIGINET will become effective and binding on the date of publication, the Seller is obliged to follow these changes on the Website and to fulfill the requirements of the changes.  

8-4 The seller can follow the campaigns and discounts announced and applied by DIGINET on the Website without waiting for any prior notification by DIGINET, to apply all campaign conditions regarding the products included in the campaign, and to be aware of all campaign conditions, is obliged to manage.  

8-5 The Parties will communicate through the e-mail address provided by the Seller while signing up on the Website or through notifications sent to physical mail addresses. E-mails sent to the Seller's address registered on the Website will be considered as written communication, and the Seller will have the obligation to regularly check the e-mail address. If the address and / or e-mail address notified by the Seller changes, unless the change is notified to the other Party immediately in writing, notifications made to the last address and / or e-mail addresses will be deemed valid and binding.  

8-6 The changed provisions of this contract will become effective on the date of their announcement, the remaining provisions will remain in effect and continue to have consequences. However, if the "SELLER" does not accept the change made, the "SELLER" may terminate the contract at any time during this contract by notifying the other party in writing 15 days in advance. However, the "SELLER" accepts and undertakes that if this termination occurs, it will complete all the orders given to it until the termination date. This contract cannot be changed by unilateral declarations of the "SELLER".  

8-7 Article 8.5 of this Agreement shall also apply to notifications of the Other Party's default, termination of the Agreement and renunciation.  


9-1 All kinds of commercial, financial, patent and know-how, information, invention, work, method, copyright, trademark, customer information and all other information acquired by the Parties during the performance of this Agreement are "Confidential Information" and will be treated as Confidential Information during this Agreement and for 3 (three) years following the termination of the Agreement.  

9-2 The Parties will keep Confidential Information confidential and will not disclose it to any third party, except where the receiving Party obtains the prior written consent of the disclosing Party or where such disclosure is required by applicable law or a court order. DIGINET reserves the right to transmit Confidential Information to other Users who may be a party to the dispute, with the sole purpose of exercising the legal rights of other Users in disputes between members.  


10-1 brand and logo, the design, software, domain name of the mobile application and Website and all kinds of brands, designs, logos, trade dress, slogans and all other content created by DIGINET is the property of DIGINET with all intellectual property rights. The seller may not use, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce or make derivative works from the intellectual property rights owned by DIGINET or its affiliates without the permission of DIGINET. The seller cannot use the mobile application and the website in whole or in part on another website without permission.       

10-2 The seller undertakes that it will not violate the intellectual property rights of DIGINET and third parties in all its activities through the mobile application and Website. DIGINET reserves the right to terminate the contract of the Seller who acts in violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or DIGINET. The Seller agrees that in case of violation of the provision of this article, Article 7.5 of the Contract will be applied.       

10-3 DIGINET attaches utmost importance to respect the intellectual property rights in the activities performed on the website and the mobile application and to prevent any violations in this regard. For this reason, a Brand Protection Center (“Center”) in order to create a compromise mechanism regarding counterfeit products and all kinds of brand and intellectual property rights violations on both the Website and the mobile application and to minimize the problems that the Sellers may experience before the judicial authorities. ). The Center will accept the complaints of the right holders who claim that their trademark or any other intellectual property rights have been violated on the Website and will examine these complaints. If he sees the complaint on the spot, he will be able to contact the Seller to reconcile the parties and request the Seller to remove the infringing content and forward the information of the Seller to the complainant. DIGINET reserves the right to request additional information and documents in order to perform the inspection. For the avoidance of doubt, the purpose of the Center is to mediate the resolution of intellectual property violations that may occur on the Website through conciliatory means. The Center cannot be interpreted as DIGINET acting as a decision-making authority or assuming responsibility in such cases.       

10-4 All elements of "" (including but not limited to interface, ad database, content database, design, text, image, html code and other codes) belong to "DIGINET" and / or under license from a third party by "DIGINET". "DIGINET" does not allow the resale, sharing, distribution, exhibition and access of third parties to the "DIGINET" applications, the information contained in "" and the copyrighted works of "DIGINET". Persons using unauthorized use will be obliged to cover the damages incurred by "DIGINET" and third parties, including court costs and attorney fees. In "DIGINET"; All assets, in-kind and personal property, including the applications and contents, information, copyrighted works, trademarks, commercial appearance or all kinds of material and intellectual property rights owned by "" and "" All rights regarding rights, commercial information and business model are reserved.       


11-1 Uprising, embargo, government intervention, rebellion, occupation, war, mobilization, strikes, lockouts, worker-employer disputes, including business actions or boycotts, cyber attack, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system-related improvement or innovation operations and malfunctions that may occur for this reason, power outage, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, migration, epidemic or any other natural disaster or other events outside the control of one of the Parties, not caused by its fault and that cannot be reasonably foreseen ("Force Majeure) ") If any of the Parties (the" Affected Party ") prevents or delays the performance of its obligations arising from this Agreement, the Affected Party shall promptly inform the other Party in writing of this Force Majeure, all details and evidence of it and this situation. is obliged to inform the possible duration. The Affected Party is obliged to make reasonable efforts to prevent or mitigate the consequences of the Force Majeure.       

11-2 The Affected Party cannot be held liable for its obligations that were prevented or delayed as a result of the Force Majeure, provided that it complied with its obligations under this article, and this situation is not considered a violation of this Agreement, the time required for performance is equal to the duration of the delay in question. is extended for a while.       

11-3 In all cases legally deemed force majeure, "DIGINET" is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its actions specified in this contract. This and such cases will not be deemed delay, incomplete or non-performance or default for "DIGINET", or any compensation under any name from "DIGINET" will not be claimed for such cases. Force majeure term; Except for the reasonable control of the party concerned, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet malfunctions, system-related improvement or renewal works and failures that may occur due to this, power outage and bad weather conditions and It will be interpreted as unavoidable events that "DIGINET" could not avoid despite due diligence.       


12-1 Personal data ("Personal Data") within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("Law") can only be processed by DIGINET in the performance of the services specified in this Agreement and in accordance with DIGINET's instructions, will not be transferred to any third party and After the termination of the relationship, if there is no legal obligation, it will be deleted. The SELLER is obliged to comply with all applicable regulations, procedures and principles regarding the protection of personal data, especially the decisions of the Law and the Personal Data Protection Board.       

12-2 The SELLER is obliged to fulfill the Personal Data owner ("Data Owner") requests submitted by DIGINET immediately. Requests that cannot be fulfilled on the same day for any reason will be fulfilled within the following business day by notifying the reason in writing. In the event that the Data Owner makes a request directly to the SELLER, a written notification will be made to DIGINET immediately (in any case on the next business day) and action will be taken in line with DIGINET's requests and instructions.       

12-3 The SELLER is obliged to take the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Data either by its own personnel or by third parties and to prevent the Personal Data from being used for purposes other than transferring it to it. In this context, DIGINET may always send the technical criteria and instructions to the SELLER regarding the processing, storage and access of Personal Data, and the SELLER will be obliged to comply with these criteria and instructions. In the event that any unauthorized access to Personal Data occurs or Personal Data becomes accessible by third parties in any way contrary to this Agreement, the Company will notify DIGINET immediately (within the same day) of this situation and to minimize the damage arising from this situation. provide any information, document and support requested by DIGINET without delay.       

12-4 If the SELLER uses a subcontractor with the written consent of DIGINET, the regulations of the Contract regarding Personal Data must be fully reflected in the relevant subcontractor contract. The SELLER accepts that even in cases where subcontractors are used, its responsibility under the Contract will continue as it is and that it will be personally responsible for subcontractor violations.       

12-5 The SELLER accepts and declares that it is subject to the inspection of DIGINET and the Personal Data Protection Board in terms of Personal Data processing under the Contract. DIGINET may use the said audit right in person or through a third party, or may request SATTCI to perform the audit. In the event that it is determined that the SELLER has acted in violation of its obligations regarding Personal Data as a result of the said audits, all contracts between DIGINET and the SELLER may be terminated without any compensation liability at DIGINETT's unilateral disposal.       

12-6 In the event that the SELLER transfers Personal Data to DIGINET during the provision of the services specified in this Agreement, providing the Data Owners with the necessary information regarding the collection, processing, transfer and use of the Personal Data within the scope of the personal data protection legislation in force and Required from Data Owners in the content and format in accordance with the aforementioned legislation. It is the responsibility of the SELLER to obtain permits and approvals. The aforementioned texts of permits and approvals and the records that they have been obtained will be forwarded to DIGINT without delay upon request.        

12-7 In the event that DIGINET is subject to a loss due to reasons arising from the SELLER due to violation of the SELLER's obligations under this article, if it is subject to legal, administrative or criminal sanctions or is obliged to compensate any damage, the said amounts will be paid to the SELLER. or recourse will be with all the ferries and the first written request DIGINET to be paid. DIGINET reserves the right to offset the amounts specified in this article from the payments to the SELLER.         


13-1 "SELLER", in case of disputes arising from this contract, "DIGINET "'s electronic and system records, commercial records, book records, microfilm, microfiche and computer records will constitute valid binding, definitive and exclusive evidence," DIGINET " It accepts, declares and undertakes that it does not offer the oath and that this article is an evidential contract within the meaning of Article 193 of HUMK.       


14-1 The invalidity, illegality and unenforceability of any provision of this contract or any statement contained in the contract will not affect the validity and validity of the remaining provisions of the contract.       


15-1 The sellers will be contacted via the e-mail address they notified when registering for "STARTED DISCOUNT" or via the general information in "STARTED DISCOUNT". Communication by e-mail replaces written communication. It is the responsibility of the "SELLER" to keep the e-mail address up -to- date and to regularly check the "DISCOUNT STARTED" for notifications.       



16-1 For the purposes of the Convention exclusively to contracts, interpretation and management of legal relations within this contract shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey.       

16-2 Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices.       



17-1 Evidence agreement : The seller, in case of disputes that may arise from this Agreement, the official books and commercial records of the Parties and the e-archive records kept in DIGINET's database and servers, electronic information and computer records will constitute binding, final and exclusive evidence. and accepts that this article is an evidential contract within the meaning of article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure numbered 6100.        

17-2 Relationship of the Parties Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as establishing an agency, dealership, distributorship, partnership or joint venture relationship between the Parties or their complete or partial successors.       

17-3 Entire Agreement The annexes of this Agreement constitute an integral part of this Agreement and are considered and interpreted together with this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and replaces all previous drafts, agreements, arrangements and agreements, oral or written, between the Parties on the subject of this Agreement.       

17-4 Divisibility If any provision of this Agreement is determined by any competent court, arbitration tribunal or administrative authority to be totally or partially invalid, unenforceable or unreasonable, this Agreement shall be deemed severable to the extent of such invalidity, enforceability or impracticality and other the provisions will remain in full force and effect.       

17-5 Transfer of Contract. The seller may not be able to assign his rights or obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of DIGINET.        

17-6 Amendment and Waiver. Failure of any of the Parties to exercise or enforce any right granted to it in the Agreement will not mean that it has waived or prevent the subsequent use or execution of that right.        


18-1 13 (thirteen) pages, 18 (eighteen) articles and 6 (six) Annexes (ANNEX.l - Virtual Store Opening Required Document List , ANNEX.2 Buyer Distance Sales Contract , ANNEX.3 - Prohibited Products and Services , ANNEX 4: This contract, which consists of the Marketplace information form, Annex 5: Financial and Special Working Conditions, Annex 6: Sales Announcement and Conditions ), was signed and entered into force at the moment of the agreement being signed by the "SELLER" electronically or on paper. If this contract is signed and approved on paper, "DIGINET" may request the approval of the contract electronically by the "SELLER" at any time within the term of this contract From the moment this contract is approved by the "SELLER" in electronic environment, the contract approved electronically instead of the wet signed contract will be valid. The SELLER is obliged to deliver the wet signed copies to "DIGINET" in due time.                  


Appendix 1: Virtual Store Opening Required Document List 

ANNEX 2: Prohibited Products and Services 

Appendix 3: Marketplace information form 

Annex 4: Terms and Conditions of Sale 


Appendix 1: Virtual Store Opening Required Document List 

1- If you are a capital company:      

a. A photocopy of the tax certificate        

b. Photocopy of the company establishment trade registry gazette       

c. Photocopy of signature circular       

D. Current activity certificate to be taken from the relevant trade registry (at the latest 3 months)       

to. Bank heap information       

f. Workplace pictures (to be seen from 4 angles)        


2- If you are a sole proprietorship, merchant or ordinary partnership:      

a. Partnership agreement       

b. Photocopy of identity card       

c. Operating certificate       

D. Signature Circulars       

to. Tax plate       

f. Bank heap information        

g. Workplace pictures (to be seen from 4 angles)       


The documents listed above will be sent to DIGINET contact address in stamped and wet signed form. In addition to the documents listed above, DIGINET will be able to request additional documents and have the final authority to decide on membership acceptance.

ANNEX-2: List of Prohibited Products

1- Airbag and equipment      

2- Products whose purchase and sale are subject to government authorization       

3- Alcoholic beverages      

4- Military equipment      

5- Firearms and knives      

6- Live animal      

7- Products related to sexual activity      

8- Stolen goods, products with serial numbers      

9- Trial Size / sample (tester) perfume and other cosmetic products      

10- Gift vouchers or discount coupons belonging to other institutions, organizations and e-commerce platforms  

11- Listening devices  

12- Seat belt adapter  

13- Stocks, bonds, bills   

14- Aids for passing drug tests  

15- Human and other living organs  

16- Smuggled and prohibited products  

17- Personality rights  

18- Copy and non-labeled products  

19- Cultural and natural assets  

20- Lock pick and lock openers  

21- Miraculous healing products or services, fortune telling and witchcraft and other services  

22- sale of organs  

23- Pornographic materials   

24- Promotional items  

25- Radar detectors  

26- Prescription drugs, lenses and food supplements   

27- Formal wear and uniforms  

28- Counterfeit or replica products  

29- Social network and other internet membership accounts  

30- Games of chance tickets  

31- Devices and equipment used for intervention in the management system of vehicles  

32- Copyrighted products  

33- Wireless and communication equipment  

34- Bulk e-mail addresses and lists  

35- Tobacco products and electronic cigarettes  

36- TV decoders and decoders  

37- Drugs  

38- Sales that do not have product features  

39- Listings that do not have product qualifications  

40- Attacking and breaking programs in the web environment  

41- Flammable and explosive materials  

42- Prohibited animal species  

43- Banned publications  

44- Face photographs, names and signatures   

Appendix 3 : Marketplace information form 


Company Trade Name

Must be the full name on the tax plate

Company's Field of Activity


Official Address


Cargo address


Corporate eMail






Tax Administration


Tax number


Affiliated Room


Registration number



Company Official Name and Surname

(The Person in the Signature Circus must be)

Company Official Title


Company Executive GSM


Company Official E-Mail


Financial Officer Name and Surname

There should be a contact person for invoicing

Financial Authority GSM


E-Mail of the Financial Officer


Technical Official Name and Surname


Technical Authorized GSM


Technical Official's Email


Account / Bank Information

Account / Company Name

(Name in bank account records)

The name of the Bank

(Bank where the account is held)

Branch code

(Bank Branch Code where the account is held)

Account number

(Account number)


There should be a contact person for invoicing

Financial Authority GSM


E-Mail of the Financial Officer



 ANNEX-4: Conditions of Sale and Announcement

1- The seller, the sale and display of the products and services displayed in the Virtual Store and the advertisements will not violate any law, do not contain any deceptive, false or incomplete information, will not cause violation of rights, and the products and services to which the said advertisements and content are It acknowledges, declares and undertakes that all rights, authorities and responsibilities for publication, sale and sale on the internet are on its own.      

2- The seller will never display or sell counterfeit / counterfeit, permit and / or unauthorized products in its Virtual Store. In addition, the Seller will continuously follow the content of the "Banned Products List" in ANNEX-3 and will not display and sell the products in this list. In the event that the Seller exhibits or sells the products listed in ANNEX-3, the Seller shall be the sole addressee and responsible of the claims that may be brought to DIGINET due to the illegality of these acts or the violations of intellectual and industrial property rights, including the trademark rights of third parties.      

3- The seller, in the advertisements and sales transactions carried out on the Website; undertakes to act in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, all terms and conditions specified on the Website, and applicable legislation, ethical rules and public order. Legal and criminal responsibility shall belong to the Seller in all transactions and actions contrary to this provision.      

4- The Seller shall not copy, process, use or present to the public all or part of the content on the Website for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of DIGINET. The Seller will also not send spam or chain e-mails to DIGINET or its Buyers.      

5- The seller is obliged to carry out all activities carried out on the Website in a way that will not technically damage the Website. The seller shall not allow any information, content, material and other content to be provided to the Website to damage any programs, viruses, software, unlicensed products, trojans, etc. It accepts and undertakes that it takes all necessary measures, including the use of protective software and licensed products, to take the necessary measures immediately requested by DIGINET in order to implement this article provision. The Seller also agrees that he will not enter his profile on the Website using robot or automatic login methods.      

6- The seller accepts that the seller is the seller party in the distance sales contracts to be concluded in the sales to be made with the Buyers on the Website, that DIGINET is not a party in this distance sales contract, and that it is personally liable to the Buyers within the scope of the current consumer law legislation and other legislation, and declares. In this context, the Seller, the quality of all the products exhibited and sold in the Virtual Store, the compliance with the legislation, the issuance of the warranty certificate, the invoicing and the delivery of other necessary documents and the after-sales service etc. will be personally and exclusively responsible for the services and the delivery of the products on time and will return to the requests and demands of the Buyer as soon as possible.      

7- The seller is bound by all advertisements and content posted on the Website through the Virtual Store and will be responsible for all commitments arising from them. DIGINET means that the Seller's activities do not comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the policies, rules and conditions declared on the Website, constitute a violation of the legislation, pose a risk in terms of legal, technical and especially information security, and are in a nature harmful to the personal and commercial rights of third parties. It may temporarily or permanently stop the broadcasting of the relevant postings, suspend or terminate the membership without any prior warning to the Seller.      

8- The seller does not use words that are not related to the product or service by listing the products and services offered for sale in the appropriate and correct category, taking into account the provisions of the relevant legislation, especially the Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law No. 5464 and the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502. is obliged not to create product contents that are against the legislation. If it is determined by DIGINET that the Seller incorrectly categorizes any product or service or publishes misleading information and / or content regarding the Goods / Service, DIGINET has the right to remove the relevant product or service from the Website.      

9- The seller agrees and undertakes in advance that DIGINET has the right to audit itself in disputes related to these activities, to conduct its activities in accordance with the rules of goodwill and honesty and to perform like a prudent trader, to avoid activities that harm DIGINET's internal functioning and online operations.      

10- The seller, especially the brand, and the trademarks and other intellectual and industrial property owned by DIGINET and its affiliates, or their trade names as the name of the Seller or Virtual Store or including the intellectual property rights and personality rights of a third party. can not use it in a way that violates any rights.